{ XINF }

{ a simple JSON api for your simple needs. }

  Features: {
    ECHO: echo what you sent
    MYIP: get remote ip
    RAND: random number/string generation
    UUID: unique universal identifier
    NUMW: numbers to words
    TIME: get local time
    CTRY: get data of country
    GEOX: geographical utilities.
    NAME: name your next GitHub project.
    HASH: just hash it.
    STAT: easy statistics on a list of numbers!
    XDNS: specify DNS records for different websites using different DNS servers.
    MORE: more stuff coming soon! (Perhaps behind a paywall, because money :D)
    It's very fast - sub millisecond time server-side!
  About me: {
    BLOG: My Blog
    YTCH: My YT channel
    GHUB: My GitHub
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returns what you sent to the server.


returns your remote IP address.


by default, generates a random signed 32 bit floating point number.


generates a UUID (universal unique identifier)


converts a number to a word. defaults to zero. example


returns the local time.


Gives you information on a country based on the ISO 3166 international standard.


Converts a coordinate (in degrees) and a zoom level into a geo tile.


Gives you a random name by randomly selecting num words from this word list. Minimum/default of two words. All words are separated by a dash (-)


Gives you a hash of an inputted string. Defaults to sha256 hashing. example


A service that takes in a list of float64 integers and returns useful statistical information.


Returns DNS (Domain Name System) info, such as IP, Canonical Name, and Mail Exange Adresses.


Checks whether a number is odd or not. Returns false by default.